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Regionale - Automatic labeler - Vara Winery - CDA USA

Vara Winery - Regionale - Automatic labeling machine

Vara is a global family of Spanish and American wines and spirits that celebrates the unique connection between Spain and New Mexico. Tracing back to the rich history of winemaking in America, with a legacy spanning over 390 years. It is to say, dating back to the planting of the first European wine grapes in what is now the U.S. (by Franciscan friar García de Zúñiga and Capuchin monk Antonio de Arteaga in the Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico). Vara pays homage to this ancient tradition. The wines produced by Vara showcase the diverse flavors of this history. Ranging from bold reds to refreshing whites, offering wine enthusiasts an enchanting experience that reflects the essence of the American wine journey.

Product focus

Vara Winery dedicates itself to crafting wines from Spanish grape varietals. Typically grown both in Spain and various American vineyards, including those in New Mexico. Esteemed winemakers lead the team in sourcing fruit from top-quality growers across the U.S. Often bringing these fruits to their New Mexico facility for production and aging. With a focus on Spanish heritage, Vara actively commits to excellence through regular trips. Mainly to Spain, to secure the finest fruit for their wines and cava. Through partnerships with esteemed grape growers and producers in Spain, Vara ensures the highest quality standards for their wines. Resulting in truly remarkable offerings that pay tribute to their Spanish roots.

CDA supplied the group with the Regionale machine, capable of dispensing, crimping capsules, and applying up to 4 labels per bottle. This machine suits the wine and distillery industries well and can be adjusted to different formats.

Vara Winery


Machine for dispensing, crimping capsules and for applying up to 4 pressure sensitive labels

  • Metal or PVC capsules (8-roller crimper or thermal head)
  • Accurate and efficient labeling (3-point technique)
  • Intuitive operation and easy to adjust
  • Up to 1500 bottles/hour and up to 4 labels


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