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Solo 1500 - Automatic labeler - Witch City Wicks - CDA USA

Witch City Wicks - Solo 1500 - Automatic labeling machine

Witch City Wicks, crafts candles using only the finest ingredients. 100% natural soy wax, premium fragrance oils, and lead-free cotton wicks. Their products are free from petroleum, cruelty, phthalates, and are entirely vegan. Based in Salem, Massachusetts, Witch City Wicks is renowned for its gothic and witchy candle collections. Typically enhancing decor and quality of life with its unique fragrances. Each fragrance, influenced by a darker aesthetic and eccentric style. They meticulously hand-pour and label the candles by their own in-house team, ensuring a clean-burning experience.

Product focus

Liz Frazier founded Witch City Wicks in 2011, starting as a one-person home business and Etsy shop. It evolved into a small team crafting collections in the Witchcraft Heights area of Salem. They prioritize using the recommended amount of fragrance oils from their suppliers to create highly aromatic candles, though they acknowledge that soy wax may not throw fragrance as strongly as petroleum-based waxes. Despite this, they believe the trade-off for a healthier, natural wax base is worthwhile. They advise customers to consider the size of the candle jar and the room’s dimensions when selecting candles to ensure optimal fragrance distribution. Witch City Wicks dedicates itself to providing customers with not only high-quality candles but also helpful tips to maximize their aromatic experience.

The Solo 1500 labeler from CDA suits the cosmetic and food industries, accommodating both cylindrical and tapered products. Additionally, it is ideal for packaging candles, like those produced by Witch City Wicks, which is why they have chosen to use it.

Witch City Wicks

Solo 1500/2500

Automatic labeling machine for cylindrical and tapered products

  • Ultra-compact size
  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Excellent value
  • Up to 50 products/minute


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