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Ninon Tapered - Automatic labeler - Sweet Prosperity - CDA USA

Sweet Prosperity - Ninon Tapered - Automatic labeling machine

Sweet Prosperity is a company that has perfected its craftsmanship in bakery, their specialty being pastries. It is a family-owned business that flourished quite literally and became one of the largest pasty manufacturing plants in France. Their strenghts lie in the sugary sweet designs made by their creative Chef : Thierry A. The other focus is also to be manufacturing pastries, cakes and brownies for other companies as well as their own brand.

Product focus

Sweet Prosperity Bakery specializes in crafting high-quality baked goods. They are adhering to meticulously crafted recipes and stringent standards to guarantee excellence. Their primary focus lies in maintaining impeccable sanitation and safety protocols throughout their facility. Usually, they actively engage in every stage of pastry production, meticulously ensuring that their offerings meet and exceed expectations. Whether it is in terms of quality, consistency, visual appeal, and/or flavor. Additionally, they handle all aspects of end-product management. Including counting, dating, sorting, packing, sealing, labeling, palletizing, and appropriate storage procedures. From the meticulous preparation of dough to the precise baking of cookies. As well as, other delectable treats, they take pride in delivering exceptional products that delight the senses.

CDA takes pride in featuring one of its machines, the Ninon Tapered labeller. Which plays a crucial role in several packaging processes at the Bakery. Specifically designed for tapered products, the Ninon Tapered offers versatility and adaptability to accommodate various needs and sectors.

Sweet Prosperity

Ninon Tapered

Automatic labeling machine to label tapered products

  • Labeling on all types of tapered shapes
  • Labeling station can be angled via a 3-axis adjustment device (with position indicator)
  • Up to 50 product labeling positions in its memory
  • Up to 40 products/minute & up to 3 labels per product


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