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Ninon Mix - Automatic labeler - Lighthouse for the Blind - CDA USA

Lighthouse for the Blind - Ninon Mix - Automatic labeling machine

The Sirkin Center, run by the LightHouse for the Blind in Alameda, California, aims to help people with vision problems find important jobs. Named after Donald Sirkin, a big supporter, the center is a place where they make eco-friendly cleaning products and tissue packets that are sent all over the world. Their dedication to including everyone and making high-quality products has been strong since the 1920s.

Product focus

At the Sirkin Center, they focus on hiring people who are blind or have vision problems, offering them practical training and chances to advance in their careers. Their factory makes important items like tissue packets for Meals Ready to Eat (MRE), large sanitary paper rolls, and PRIDEClean chemical cleaning products. As a result, with visually impaired employees contributing over 70% of the workforce, each product shows their commitment to quality and making a positive impact on society. By partnering with national organizations, they broaden their influence, helping create a more inclusive workforce and community.

Furthermore, the Ninon Mix, made by CDA, is used by the Lighthouse for the Blind. It can label various shapes, including square, cylindrical, oval, and tapered products. Also, it works with different sizes and is used in many industries. The machine even has a system for marking expiration dates and other important information.

Lighthouse for the Blind

Ninon Mix

Automatic labeling machine to label square, cylindrical, oval and tapered products

  • Labeling of square, cylindrical, oval and tapered products on the same machine (quick change)
  • Up to 5 labeling stations on a single machine
  • Stores 50 product labeling positions in its memory
  • Versatile


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