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Makana Candles - Ninette Auto - CDA USA

Ninette Auto - Makana Candles | Semi-automatic labeling machine for all cylindrical products.

Makana Studios is a small artisanal company that hand-crafts botanical-based products, like candles and fragrances in small batches at their studio in Laguna Beach, California. Their philosophy centers around living well, clean design, and using carefully-selected natural ingredients that are environmentally-friendly and healthy. The founders, Romely & Josh Levezow, started the company in 2008 with a desire to create beautiful candles, free of unnecessary additives.

Product focus

Their studio is set up for small-scale production, with equipment like melters, pouring pots, and hand-blenders rather than large factory machinery. You’ll find containers of natural ingredients and premium oils used to meticulously blend their candles, fragrances, and other products, by hand in tiny batches of just 8 at a time. Each product is then hand-labeled, before being shipped to boutiques and specialty stores. Their artisanal approach aims to produce high-quality, one-of-a-kind goods, using traditional methods rooted in respecting nature and living with balance and harmony.
Thus the reason why, they have been using packaging machines that are innovative and made with high-quality materials. Nowadays, they are running one of our labeler machines, the Ninette Auto. It is a very polyvalent machine, adaptable to a lot of labels for cylindrical containers / bottles.

Makana Candles

Ninette Auto

Semi-automatic labeling machine to label cylindrical products

  • Compliant with all cylindrical products
  • Ultra-compact labeling machine
  • Easy to use and control
  • Up to 2 labels


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