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Murlarkey Distillery - VST - CDA USA

VST - Murlarkey Distillery | Encased automatic cork dispenser and pressing system

MurLarkey Distilled Spirits is an American Distilling Institute Certified Craft Distilled Spirit producer based in Virginia. Indeed, the company was founded by second-generation Irish-American cousins Tom Murray, Mike and Jim Larkin.  Alongside a team of friends and family, the overall goal was to create a legacy. Hence, rooted in Irish heritage, culture, and love for life.

Additionally, the group takes pride in being a 100% farm-to-flask distillery. Accordingly, they source all of their ingredients sustainably from local Virginia farmers. Usually, they hand-select only the highest-quality. For example, all-natural raw materials, grains, and botanicals. All while ensuring their premium spirits are free of artificial flavors, colors, and certified gluten-free.

Product focus

MurLarkey produces a broad line of internationally acclaimed, award-winning spirits. Thus, including vodka, gin, aged whiskey, flavored whiskey, and bourbon. Notably, MurLarkey is the only craft distillery to have been awarded: Gold, Double Gold, and/or Best of Category. And in five unique spirit categories on top of that.

In fact, their popular offerings include Divine Clarity Vodka, a premium corn vodka with a smooth finish. As well as, Imagination Gin, a new western-style gin with citrus and botanical notes. As a result, MurLarkey’s spirits have won over 40 international and USA awards. Conversely, including Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals, cementing their reputation for crafting exceptional, high-quality products.

Consequently, our main role is our capper, CDA’s VST, which is currently a new addition to the packaging activity of the group. Actually, it is a capper with a cork dispenser and a pressing system. Therefore, it is mainly used in brewery, or food processing, which matches perfectly the needs of Murlarkey.

Murlarkey Distillery

Automatic cork dispensing VST

Cork dispensing and pressing system

  • Automatic dispensing and pressing
  • Suitable for T-caps
  • Simple to operate
  • Custom made and adapted to the cork


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