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Ninette 1 - Semi-automatic labeler - Stone Tower Winery - CDA USA

Stone Tower Winery - Ninette 1 - Semi-automatic labeling machine

Nestled atop Hogback Mountain, Stone Tower Winery holds a special place cherished by the Huber family for three generations. With a deep-rooted commitment to hospitality and the agricultural traditions of Western Loudoun, the Huber family envisioned sharing their picturesque property with others to celebrate life’s special moments while preserving its natural beauty. Mike and Kristi Huber, wine enthusiasts before entering the industry, were determined to produce top-quality wines. They enlisted industry experts to analyze the terroir of their 300-acre estate, leading to the cultivation of classic vitis vinifera varietals. Stone Tower Winery focuses on crafting complex, age-worthy wines that reflect a blend of old and new world styles, each telling a unique story that deserves to be shared.

Product focus

Stone Tower Winery thrives in Virginia’s tough climate. The ancient soil, steep slopes, and constant airflow create ideal conditions for growing flavorful grapes.

Stone Tower Winery focuses on making top-notch estate wines that truly reflect their vineyards. Virginia has a long history in American winemaking, spanning over 400 years. Despite challenges, local winegrowers continuously improve their methods to make exceptional wines. Experts compare modern Virginia wine to Napa in the 1970s. Stone Tower Winery is paving the way in Virginia’s wine scene.

Currently, Stone Tower Winery uses the Ninette 1 by CDA to label their wines. This adaptable machine works for labeling cylindrical products and can even apply two labels if needed, including back labeling on the same roll as the main label.

Stone Tower Winery

Ninette 1

Labeling system to apply 1 pressure sensitive label on cylindrical products

  • Compliant for all cylindrical products
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent value
  • Up to 8 products/minute or 500 bottles/hour


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