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Labeling machine, filling machine and complete packaging lines for veterinary and animal products

Since over half of the world population has a pet (dog, cat, bird, fish, exotic pet, etc.), many markets are growing about veterinary treatment products but also animal cosmetics and care. In order to package so many products addressed to the well-being of our pets, CDA offers labeling machine, filling machine and packing lines adapted to the products characteristics.

Labeling machine, filling machine and complete packaging lines for veterinary and animal products

Our packaging solutions for veterinary and animal products

For 30 years, CDA has been designing, manufacturing and adapting its packaging machines to many line of business. Thanks to an in-depth expertise in the packaging of varied containers (rectangular, oval, cylindrical, conical products), the filling (fluid, pasty, viscous, foamy liquids) as well as the screwing (cap with security, spray, pump, etc.), CDA leveraged its competence for the packaging of every type of products, meant to the animal market: cat/dog shampoo, insecticide, flea-bomb, fish food, animal food supplement, animal oral hygiene products, etc.) From the small animal laboratory to the large groups manufacturing veterinary products, our complete range of semi-automatic and automatic solutions allows us to offer the most adapted solution, regarding the forms and formats of the products, the speed wanted or the specificities of corrosive products or special caps.

Semi-automatic labeling machines for veterinary and animal products

The CDA semi-automatic range provides small productions with the semi-automatic labeling machines most suitable for the shape of the products to be packaged: animal food cylindrical pot, flea-bomb with books label, animal nutritional complement bucket, dog or cat rectangular shampoo bottle … Choose the semi-automatic labeling machine made for your products.

Semi-automatic filling machines for veterinary and animal products

A CDA semi-automatic filling machine will allow the filling of your fluid, foamy, pasty, viscous products (animal oral hygiene, antiseptic, anti-flea, dog/cat shampoo, animal healing, wormer, essential oil, animal lotion and elixir, etc.).

Automatic filling machines for veterinary and animal products

The big formats of veterinary and animal products or the large groups packaging big volume and looking for high-speed will find the answer to their needs of filling within the CDA automatic filling machines range. Our filling machines are suitable to different formats and have various pumps, depending on the viscosity of the product to fill. Our experts guide you in the choice of your filling machine.

Packing lines for veterinary and animal products

CDA offers to its clients two models of complete packaging lines, which handle the filling, the screwing as well as the labeling with only one compact machine. Ask our team for advice to compose the packing line adapted to your veterinary and animal products range.

Complementary solutions for veterinary and animal products

In addition to the labeling, filling and screwing solutions offered by CDA, we take advantage of our expertise to guide you in the acquisition of complementary solutions, which will allow you to maximise your packing line. Feeding/reception tables, conveyor, marking … CDA offers you a complete solutions range.

CDA's response to the sector's challenges

Pets are presents in over half of world’s households. Therefore, many markets related to animal health, animal cosmetics or animal treatments have appeared and increase, with the rising trends concerning animal well-being.

Laboratories, independent producers and large groups develop nowadays large range of products for our pets: dog, cat, rabbit, rodent, fish, bird, horse or exotic pets. In order to feed, care and watch our pets well-being, very specific products have been produced and have to be packaged, complying rules and particular constraints. Animal cleaning products with books label and compulsory indication, food supplement with security cap, flea-bomb, animal essential oil, animal shampoo and other lotions, elixir and food boxes have to respect a certain number of constraints during the packaging. Used to the diversity of products that can represent a business line as veterinary and animal products, CDA’s machines are available in a semi-automatic range and an automatic range for the labeling of every formats and forms of products, on the sides, bottom or top, the filling of fluid, pasty, viscous, foamy liquids, as well as the screwing of standards caps but also pump and spray caps. CDA expertise will help you finding the labeling machine, the filling machine or the complete packing line made for your products range.

Labeling machine, filling machine and complete packaging lines for veterinary and animal products

Very Small Business

The smallest productions of animal dermo-cosmetics, food and veterinary products will opt for a semi-automatic machine, in order to maximise the packaging of their animal shampoo, lotion, elixir or food supplement. Our semi-automatic solutions will allow you to make the first move to automation or for a large group, to package a new range launch.

Labeling machine, filling machine and complete packaging lines for veterinary and animal products


When productions increase, it becomes necessary to consider automated packaging solutions, in order to have high-speed of labelling or filling. CDA automatic machines respond to this search of automation by offering various options aimed to improve the speed, while guaranteeing an optimum precision

Labeling machine, filling machine and complete packaging lines for veterinary and animal products

Large group

Large veterinary groups are often yet equipped with automatic machines. Therefore, they want to enhance their packaging lines with reliable and adaptable tools. CDA provides his savoir-faire for the acquisition of a CDA complete line or the optimization of a current one.

Custom-made filling, labeling and packing line

Whatever your business sector or product, CDA provides the experience of its engineering design office to conceive and design your customized machine to match your requirements and constraints, regardless of whether you require a filling, labeling or integral solution

Feed systems (rotary tables, modular conveyor belts, etc.), Conveyor systems, Dosing / filling systems, Capping systems, Labeling systems, End-of-line systems (accumulation, case packing, film-wrapping and palletizing), Marking systems.



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