Since 1991, we have supported many companies in a wide variety of business sectors. By adapting our filling, capping and labeling equipment, as well as our technologies to the needs of our customers, we have developed a know-how that allows us to constantly advance in terms of quality, versatility and customer satisfaction. In order to produce quality machines, our team of engineers designs and adapts parts for CDA fillers, cappers and labelers which will subsequently be machined by our company CDU.

A single point of contact for your entire packaging line!


Our filling, capping and labeling machines can be used independently of each other, as well as complete lines to fully automate your packaging line, regardless of the product and container size. Our machines can handle various types of liquids (fluid, viscous, pasty or foamy), caps and a multitude of shapes and formats (wine bottles, beer, jar, can, bucket, cylindrical shapes, tubes, cans) which allows our systems to be perfectly suited to all industries (wine, distillerie, brewery, agro-food, e-liquid, cosmetics, chemicals, etc.)



Several feeding / accumulation systems


To create a line adapted to your product range, we offer several feeding and accumulation systems (independent feeding table, rectangular tables, unscramblers, Flask straighteners, Modular tables, etc.). Depending on the production rate, the products format and the production quantity, the most suitable solution will equip your complete line.



CDA is also an integrator


We can also integrate partner machines such as shrink wrappers, cartoners, but also complementary solutions such as Videojet marking systems in order to deposit a DLC or barcode. CDA offers you the opportunity to acquire at once, with a single point of contact, all the necessary equipment to pack your products entirely.



Quality and personalized installation of our machines


We adapt our lines to suit your premises in order to optimize space but also to the operator’s working time. Whether it is for the shape of the conveyor (linear, L or U) or its size, everything is possible!



Some realizations of complete lines


By associating a K Net Auto (which can dose small as well as large quantities, and fill up to 1,200 products / hour) with a VS400 (with a screwing system compatible with the majority of cylindrical caps) and a Ninon Mix (allowing to dispense up to 5 labels), you will benefit from a very versatile packaging line.


We can also offer even more versatile and efficient lines by combining the K-Line S (filling up to 3000L / hour and having a self-cleaning system) with a VS1000 (capping that can be adapted to all types of containers ranging 20 cl to 5 liters) and a Ninon Mix.


Would you like to know more about our complete lines?


Please do not hesitate to ask advice from our experts team. We are at your disposal to offer you packaging solutions to match your projects.